Field Hockey Dribbling Drills

Field Hockey dribbling drills are not really plentiful but the ones that are available are fun and challenging. Field hockey dribbling drills will work ball control and eye and hand coordination. Try these dribbling drills the next time you are out on the field practicing.

  1. Speed Dribble. A simple drill that involves the field hockey player, their stick and a ball. From the midline to the goal line you will hold the field hockey stick in one hand and dribble from line to line. Make one complete trip from line to line and then switch hands. Do this as quickly as you can for three repetitions on each hand.
  2. Stick Hakey Sack. Alone or with a teammate use the toe of your field hockey stick to bounce the filed hockey ball up and down. Similar to hakey sack on your foot the idea is to “dribble” the ball on the toe of your stick for as long as you can. Mix in suicides for not reaching a designated number on each try to boost endurance. This drill will work eye coordination and ball control on the stick.
  3. Dribble Up the Toe. Similar to the precious drill, this drill requires you to control the ball on your stick toe. To further the control and stick management when dribbling take the ball up the toe to the stick heel and back. Additionally, between taps in the dribble rotate the stick to the opposite side. Do this drill at a sustained dribble for as long as you can and then match that number over three repetitions.
  4. Toe Push. Keeping the field hockey ball at the toe of your field hockey stick move around the circumference of the filed. Do this in a jog but be sure to maintain toe dribble control. Make two complete passes around the field. With each new repetition try to pick up speed and/or switch hands during thee toe push.
  5. Switch Dribble. This basic dribbling drill practices dribbling and ball control and the field hockey player advances down the field. In this drill you want the player to move down the field from touchline to touchline. With ball against stick push forward moving the ball form let to right and visa versa. This dribbling drill will work control, coordination and build player confidence in controlling the ball.
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