Field Hockey Drills For High School

Improve your hockey skills with these field hockey drills for high school. Field hockey drills for high school are perfect for after-school practices or for the athlete who wants to improve on his own time. High school field hockey players should work on boosting their speed and agility and improving how they pass and receive the ball when playing field hockey.

  1. Start high school field hockey practice off with speed drills. Place a cone on the midfield line and a cone on the goal line. Line the field hockey players up on the goal line and tell them to sprint to the cone at the midfield line. They can then walk back to the goal line, then sprint back up to the midfield.
  2. Improve attention and reaction with passing field hockey drills. Have players 1 and 2 stand in the middle of the field. The coach or a third player can stand nearby. When the whistle blows, player 1 runs to a cone 3 yards away from the center line. Player 2 pushes the ball towards player 1 when he calls for it. Player 1 dribble the ball to another cone 3 yards away, then passes it off to the third player or coach when called for.  Repeat the passing drill, changing player's positions.
  3. Boost agility by dribbling through cones. Set up a line of cones. Each cone should be 3 yards apart. Have each player weave their way through the cones, keeping control of the field hockey ball with the stick.
  4. Practice shooting with field hockey drills for high school. Place one player in the goal to act as goalie. Have another player stand to the right of the goal, 3 yards away and another player stand to the left of the goal, three yards away. Alternate having players shoot at the goal, trying to shoot past the goalie.
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