Field Hockey Drills For Kids

These field hockey drills for kids will get them in shape and ready to play. The sport of field hockey requires a lot of running, stopping and starting. Shooting to score is a key element. Use these drill to motivate the kids with a bit of fun and play incorporated into learning and working out.

  1. Up and Back. Begin field hockey drills for kids with simple running. Just running back and forth is boring, so instead, play a game of up and back. Line the kids along one end of the field and instruct them to run to the half-field line and back. Then add to the half-field line, back to the beginning and then all the way to the other end. Then add half-field, back, all the way and back to the half-field mark. Finally, go from start to half-field, back, then all the way, back to the half-field, back to the opposite end then a long run all the way back to the start. Make it a race to motivate the players to be competitive and work harder.
  2. Dribble dribble. The next piece in field hockey drills for kids involves practicing dribbling. Now that they can run the length of the field, add a stick and ball to the mix. Line the team up at one end of the field, each with their stick and ball and have them dribble, or move the ball with the stick, repeating the Up and Back drill.
  3. Down the line. Building on the previous field hockey drills for kids, line the kids up at one end of the field each with a stick in hand. Only give a ball, or puck, to the player on the left end of the line. On go, the first player passes to the second player. The second then to the third and down the line. When the last player receives the ball, they then begin passing it back down the line. This skill is difficult as they are running. Have them begin at a jogging pace and build to a run.
  4. Across the field. Now that the team can pass, build on the previous field hockey drills for kids by lining the players diagonally across the field from one end to the other. Have them pass the ball, or puck, up and back.
  5. Shoot and score. Now that they have running and passing down, line them up at the half-field line and give them all a ball. On go, each player, beginning at the left end of the line, shoots the ball at the goal. Repeat until they can all hit the goal. This will improve on their aim.
  6. Run and score. The final piece in field hockey drills for kids is letting them run down the field and shoot for a goal one at a time. This incorporates all the offensive skills at once.
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