Field Hockey Exercises

There are many different types of field hockey exercises you can partake in to get ready for field hockey season. In order to be successful you need a plan to keep you in fit. Using the tips for the field hockey exercises mentioned in this article, you will be in optimum shape for game day. 

  1. Start a weekly running workout. Running is a perfect field hockey exercise to build your cardiovascular ability. Try running a mile long sprint, alternating every 50 yards between a jog and a sprint. In addition, run a weekly timed mile. Later on in the week do an extended, moderate paced run of two miles or more.
  2. Train with bi-weekly weight training workouts. Weight training workouts will build muscle strength and muscle endurance. Twice a week do a total body workout as part of your field hockey exercising. An example of exercises to incorporate in your field hockey exercises can be a follows; chest press two reps of twenty, triceps curls two reps of twenty, biceps curls three reps of twelve, front squats three reps of ten, walking lunges two reps of twenty, sit-ups three reps of 25, bicycle crunches three reps of fifteen.
  3. Exercise with weekly field hockey exercise drills. When working on field hockey exercises do not forget to add some supportive stick drills. Some simple drills to work on weekly can include Indian dribbling, pulling and figure eights. This will keep your skill level sharp while giving your body a workout. Try running through these and other field hockey drills two to three times per week
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