Field Hockey Goalie Equipment Essentials

The best field hockey goalie equipment essentials are items that you cannot live without if you plan to play the position of goalie in field hockey. These are pieces of equipment that are vital to your performance as a goalie in field hockey. If you play goalie, look into getting yourself some of these essentials.

  1. OBO Cloud Field Hockey Goalie Chest Protector. The best field hockey goalie equipment essential is this goalie chest protector. When you are tending goal as the player in charge of stopping the other team from scoring, nothing is more important than ensuring that you can live up to your duties. One of the most integral needs that you have is being well-padded enough so that your mind can focus on stopping shots instead of being worried about how much pain the oncoming ball will cause your torso!
  2. OBO Robo Hi Control Left Hand Field Hockey Goalie Blocker. This field hockey goalie blocker is another piece of essential equipment that you need in order to perform well as field hockey goalie. A blocker, as its name implies, can be key, too, in stopping shots from the opposing team, by way of deflecting them away from the goal. While it does weight five pounds, and some may consider that a little heavy, there is no limit you can really attach to having a good blocker. Plus, if you are a strapping man, five pounds on your hand should prove to be no big deal, especially if it allows you to block shots with all the efficiency that you can ask for.
  3. OBO Field Hockey FaceOff Mask. The final piece of field hockey goalie equipment that is absolutely essential is this faceoff mask. When you are the goalie, you have to ask yourself above all else, Is my face pretty? Well, do you have a pretty face? If you do, you will want to do all in your power to make sure that your teeth are still all in place and that your face does not develop bruises from all the balls flying into it. Therefore, the only good solution that you have is to don this sweet faceoff mask before your field hockey game. This way, you will be an effective goalie and not need facial reconstructive surgery at the end of a game.
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