Field Hockey Goalie Equipment

The best field hockey goalie equipment is the type of equipment you want if you need to tend goal and want to make sure that not even one single ball gets behind you and into the goal. The best field hockey goalie equipment is tough, reliable and makes you a force to be reckoned with. Just make sure that you don't make it look too easy.

  1. Mylec Pro Goalie Mask. Not to be confused with the Jason mask from Friday the 13th films, this goalie mask by Mylec comes in the classic, white design and shape with only holes for the eyes, nose, mouth and for sweat. Striking in its simplicity, you will thank your lucky stars that you are wearing this goalie mask the next time you are the goalie and a field hockey ball gets shot right in your kisser! With this mask on, you can just cooly deflect the shot, save a sure goal, and say, "Bring it on!" for the next time.
  2. OBO Cloud Field Hockey Goalie Chest Protector. The OBO Cloud Field Hockey Goalie Chest Protector is just what you need if you want to tend goal for your team without any broken ribs or damage to your vital organs. This essential piece of field hockey goalie equipment will make sure that you can save shots without suffering any damage to your precious body. With this protector on, proudly stick your chest out and let the shots just deflect off of it.
  3. OBO Cloud Field Hockey Goalie Kickers. What is a goalie in field hockey without his trusty kickers? Nothing, that's what! With these reliable kickers, you can add extra bulk to your legs and also protect your shins while taking shot after shot after shot in your single-minded quest to make sure all balls stay out of your net–at any cost. With these kickers on, you can also make more dramatic saves involving the splits and look really cool while doing it.
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