Field Hockey Goalie Gear Essentials

The best field hockey goalie gear essentials are all the kinds of equipment a goalie needs to be able to perform the basic duties of tending goal in field hockey. These are duties that encompass things like stopping the ball from going into the net, preventing the opposing team from scoring, and being able to propel the ball back to members of your own team to create scoring opportunities.

  1. Grays G600 International Field Hockey Goalie Helmet. The Grays G600 International Field Hockey Goalie Helmet is just what you need if you want to stop field hockey balls from going into the goal or from simply hitting your face and leaving an ugly mark or bruise! With its sleek, deflective surface and its sharp looks, get ready to perform your role as a goalie to the utmost maximum.
  2. Grays GX5000 Composite Field Hockey Goalie Stick. This field hockey goalie stick by Grays is made of composite construction that lets you clear the ball very easily; it also is lightweight and narrow enough, however, to still let you exercise extreme control over it. With the Grays GX5000 Composite Field Hockey Goalie Stick, you should expect to be able to handle any loose balls with the greatest of ease.
  3. CranBerry Field Hockey Goalie Girdle. The Cranberry Field Hockey Goalie Girdle comes with a lace-up front that you can adjust for the utmost of maximum comfort. With this goalie girdle by CranBerry, you should expect to receive full protection from flying balls as well as other hazards across your hips, kidneys and even your tailbone.
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