Field Hockey Goalie Gear

The best field hockey goalie gear is the type of gear you need if you want to be a good goalie in field hockey. Whether it's stopping the ball with your knee pads or blocking it from going into the goal with your blocker, having the right field hockey goalie gear will make a world of difference in your quest to be a good and effective goalie.

  1. CranBerry Field Hockey Goalie Chest Protector. The CranBerry Field Hockey Goalie Chest Protector is what you want when you want to make sure that your torso is protected as you play goalie for your field hockey team. With its extra stomach padding, full-chest technology, and ventilation and adjustability features, this CranBerry chest protector will make you look cool when you take shot after shot off your chest and keep the ball out of your team's net.
  2. CranBerry Field Hockey Foam Goalie Leg Guards and Kickers. If you want to be an effective field hockey goalie, you will need a pair of leg guards and kickers to complement your chest protector. With these leg guards and kickers, expect to be able to dramatically make showy saves where you kick the ball from ever having a chance of getting into your net. With their lightweight design and wide profile, these CranBerry leg guards and kickers will enable you to have an effective time stopping the ball.
  3. OBO Robo PE Field Hockey Goalie Helmet. Last but not least, to be a real field hockey goalie, you will need to complete your look by donning the OBO Robo PE Field Hockey Goalie Helmet. With this helmet on your head, you can fearlessly stare down any ball that comes flying to your face–and then look cool while the ball bounces off your mask, keeping another goal from occurring.
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