Field Hockey Penalty Corner Plays

Field hockey penalty corner plays constitute solid scoring opportunities. A corner opportunity is realized when the ball goes out of play at the defensive backline off the defense. When these opportunities present themselves, you need to make sure you take advantage of them. You can do this by having set plays off the penalty corner to enhance your field hockey attacks off corners.

  1. Left (or Right) Pocket Stinger: Set the field hockey ball at the far corner closest to the back line. This is a quick play that requires a sharp shot and a one timer. The pocket player is the player furthest from the player taking the penalty shot. They need to be in synch with the pocket player at the time the play is made. The inbound shot from the penalty needs to be low and hard. The pocket player will one-time the ball to the goal. That is, take a shot off the inbound pass and not stop, settle then shoot.
  2. Drop, Give and Go: Another field hockey penalty play that requires all players to be in synch. The inbound passer from the penalty will “drop” the pass into a player near the sideline. They in turn will feed the inbound passer who is sprinting towards goal after the drop. Once the pass is received the inbound player will make a judgment decision to shoot or pass to the center midfielder who should also be charging the goal.
  3. Center Midfield Rebound or Bang: In this field hickey penalty scenario, the inbound penalty passer will feed the center midfielder or center hole. Since center feed rarely score off corners, the midfielder will make a decision to feed the left or right pocket player. Once the feed is made, the center midfielder will charge the net looking for a pass back or rebound off the pocket players shot.
  4. The Triangle: The triangle is an effective but complicated field hockey play off the corner penalty. It required the movement of players in succession to field drops or initiate passes. The most common scenario is where the inbound penalty pass is sent to a spot in front of the goal. The center midfielder will charge the play as the inside players fill his location. The pocket players will push up as well and await the center midfielder to either drop to the fill players or pass off to either pocket player.
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