Field Hockey Positions

In the game of field hockey there are eleven players on each team, and each one of these team members have one of these field hockey positions. Most often there are three halfbacks, three fullbacks, four forwards, and one goalkeeper, but the field hockey positions can change depending on the strategy of the coach.

  1. Forwards/Inners. The forward in field hockey is in the front line of the attackers. He plays in the center of the field and is the one most responsible for making goals. It is important for him to coordinate with not only the right and left wing, but the midfielders.
  2. Left/Right Wings. These field hockey players are also a part of the front line of attackers. They take the ball down the sidelines then pass it to the middle of the field hoping to set up an opportunity to score. It is important for them to coordinate not only with the forward, but with the midfielders, as well.
  3. Midfielders. The inner right, the inner left, and the center half make up the midfield field hockey positions. These players play both offense and defense. Since they are in the middle of the field they are responsible for getting the ball from the defense to the attackers so they can score points. They have to be strong and have stamina because they have to help the attackers and the defenders and play on both halves of the field.
  4. Fullbacks/Sweepers. Protecting the goalkeeper are the defenders called the fullbacks. Their job is to keep the ball away from the striking circle and send it back to the midfielders. In order to make a goal you must get through the defenders.
  5. Goalkeeper. The goalie’s job is to keep the opponents from making a goal by blocking their shots. When they are in the striking circle, the goalies are the only team members that can touch the ball with any part of their body, as well as their gloves or hockey sticks. It is important for them to have quick reflexes.
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