Field Hockey Tips

Field hockey tips can go a long way in helping you improve your game. Field hockey is played on an indoor or outdoor field and requires a stick and ball rather than a puck as in traditional ice hockey. The fact that you don’t need to ice skate can actually make playing field hockey easier than ice hockey. But don’t let this fool you into thinking the game is easy. Field hockey tips are still needed to help you become a better player.

  1. Watch games. The more field hockey you watch, the better player you can become. Televised games and attending games in person can help you pick up on strategies that work and learn more about how to apply the rules of the game.
  2. Learn the rules inside and out. Even if you know the rules of ice hockey, there are some subtle differences with field hockey you will need to know to become a great player. Read books about field hockey to get more information about the rules. Also, talk with fellow players and coaches when you have questions about how the rules are applied.
  3. Work on your possession skills. In field hockey, possession skills are very important. Possession is when you or a team member have control of the ball. There are two types of possession skills in field hockey. The first is when you have control of the ball yourself and the second is when you are directly helping a team member keep control of the ball.
  4. Use elimination skills. This is when you rush an opponent to get control of the ball for your team. Basically, your opponent has possession of the ball and you are taking it from the other team. This can be tricky to do. Working together with your fellow players usually makes it easier because the opposing team will likely have help defending the ball.
  5. Practice dribbling, passing and shooting. These are all essential skills in field hockey. Hold your stick with your left hand above your right hand for greater control. Dribbling the ball helps you move it down the field. Passing enables you and your fellow players to work together to get the ball down the field and shooting helps you make goals for your team.
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