Field Hockey Training Drills

Field hockey training drills are great for any team wanting to improve their ability on the field. Since field hockey is such a vigorous sport that requires players to be active through out the entire game, the drills need to be ones that not only fine tune skills, but help the body build up its strength and stamina on the field. This list of field hockey drills will help players work on endurance, speed and agility.

  1. Endurance Field Hockey Drill. In order to build up endurance out on the field, field hockey players need to add in aerobic training to build up their endurance during the game. Types of aerobic activities that can be done are running, exercise bike or even the stair climber. These aerobic training drills should be done a few times a week for optimal benefit. This drill will not only help players build up their skills running with control of the ball, but also help each player build up their shot. Have all players grab their stick and one ball and form a half circle about half way down the field. Always have one player in the center of the field ready to run intemperance against the shooter. Have each player take turns running from the half circle toward the goal, trying to run around the interference to make it to the goal. Players learn to get through different defense tactics, while practicing their shot and getting a great aerobic exercise.
  2. Speed Field Hockey Drill. In order to give a team the ability to get to their goal faster then the other team, they need to practice with speed field hockey drills a few days a week. One of the best ways to first build up speed in players is to have them run sprints each practice. This can be done by lining players up on the end line, and on signal run to the 25 yard line then back, then straight to the 50 yard line and back. Take a few minute break, then do it again. Another great drill for speed is to set up a series of cones in a line. There should be between five and ten cones set up in a line. Each player will take their stick and one ball and run with the ball as quickly as they can through the cones, passing in a zig-zag pattern through the cones.
  3. Agility Field Hockey Drill. Having the proper agility on the field can help a player be able to run through the opposing team and make it to the goal, which is where scoring can happen. One of the best ways to help a player improve their agility on their feet is to have them run ladder drills, cross runs and figure runs. Ladder drills are done by placing a ladder, which is used for training on the ground on the playing field. Have players start at the bottom of the ladders on both feet, jumping into each square using different feet. Start on both feet, jump into the first square landing on just the right foot, then the next square on both feet, then the next on just the left foot. Another drill is starting at the bottom of the ladder standing on both feet and jumping to the first square and landing with the feet on the outer edge of the ladder. The next jump lands both feet inside the next square and the next on the outside of the ladder again. Continue these patterns through the entire ladder and mix them up with each player to help them grow their agility on their feet.
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