Field Hockey Workouts For High School

Field hockey workouts for high school are integral for players to do regularly so that they are in shape for the games over the course of the season. As field hockey is a very athletic sport, requiring a lot of running up and down the field and strength to ward off hits from opposing players, high school teams need to be in good shape, both through physical workouts and endurance training. Here are some field hockey workouts for high school.

  1. Intervals. intervals are excellent field hockey workouts for high school as they mirror how players should run up and down a field in a game, sprinting certain distances and then slowing or stopping for a short period of time before sprinting again. An example of an interval field hockey workout for high school consists of 6 200 meter sprints with a 1 minute rest in between each of them and then 6 400 meter sprints with a 2 minute rest in between each of them. This will total 2.25 miles of running.
  2. Fartleks. Fartleks are a combination of intense running combined with slow running over an extended period of time. This also mirrors what it's like to be playing a full half of field hockey in high school games, as you will be moving the whole time but at different intensities of speed. So for example, one type of fartlek field hockey workout for high schoolers could entail a five minute run, a 2 minute sprint, a 2 minute walk four to five times intermittently, totally about forty minutes of time where players don't stop moving.
  3. Circuit Training. This field hockey workout for high school allows people who have limited space and equipment a number of very good drills to keep certain aspects of their bodies in shape for field hockey games. Some example circuit training includes things like the tuck jump shuttle, which entails three tuck jumps in a row and then a 10 yard sprint numerous times in a row; jumping rope with double jumps every one minute; and body squats, without weight so that the body is lifted up and down by the legs in one controlled motion.
  4. Lifting Weights. Weights should be lifted by specific field hockey players in high school, like the defensive players, who can bulk up so they deliver harder hits on opposing offensive players who are in their area trying to score. Bench presses, shoulder presses and pull ups are all good ways to do this field hockey workout for high school.
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