Fight With Girlfriend: How Long Do I Wait To Call?

So you got in a fight with your girlfriend and your wondering "how long do I wait to call?' Here’s some surefire ways to get her back into your good graces.

  1. Before calling her, wait and think rationally about the fight. Accept and admit your mistakes. Write down some of the things you would like to say while you wait to call. That way, when you call your girlfriend, you don’t become enraged as you did before. You can wait a few hours or a couple days, but remember that communication is key.
  2. Get in contact with your girlfriend to clear the air after you’ve calmed down. The sooner the better, don’t play the waiting game. If you love your girlfriend and you had a fight, call her to try and come to a resolution.
  3. When you call her, explain your side, and allow your girlfriend the same. Sometimes things come across the wrong way. Explain what you meant, and why what you said was probably misunderstood. Do talk calmly, shouting only leads to more shouting. Think before you act.
  4. Apologize. It may not be because of what you said, but how you said it. This will show your girlfriend that you are taking responsibility for your actions, and it will also show her you care.
  5. Give her space if she needs it. If your girlfriend doesn’t automatically forgive you after you’ve apologized, back off. Let her know you will wait. Do not try to persuade her if she is angry. Handling the situation in a mature fashion will show her that you are patient and that your love for her is deeper than an insignificant fight. If she needs more time, then wait for her to call you.
  6. In the future, do not hold this against her. Once you’ve come to a resolution, and all is forgiven. Forget it, and let it go. Soon you will be enjoying the peaceful and loving times with your girlfriend again.
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