Filipino Street Food

Experiencing Filipino street food is one of the best ways to take in the local culture, especially if you are a traveling foodie. While Filipino street food can hardly be considered fine cuisine, it's indicative of a culture that knows how to enjoy what its got. Filipino street food varies from region to region; with the Philippines spanning across 7,000 islands. Different regions specialize in different things, for example, and some street food is found all over the islands, regardless of region. Read on for some delicious, interesting or downright disgusting Filipino street food!

Balut – Balut is an infamous Filipino delicacy sold on the streets, usually in a bucket with a man calling out "balut!" and either traveling down neighborhoods or sitting stationery. It may be hard to stomach balut, a duck egg with duck fetus that people usually eat with salt. You can buy balut by how many days the fetus has been growing. Eighteen days is the most mature balut you can buy with the duck fetus already showing beak and legs and growing feathers. As a great source of protein, you'll find more males eating this Filipino delicacy and the ladies preferring something easier to stomach.

Kwek-kwek – This quail egg is fried and battered with flour and presented three to four on a stick. If you like boiled eggs, this may be easier to stomach than balut! Similar to regular chicken eggs but smaller, kwek-kwek comes orange in color due to its fried flour coating. Filipino street food is often eaten during mid-afternoon snacks around 3:00pm and kwek-kwek is a snack favorite.

Sweet corn – Sweet corn on the cob is often sold as Filipino street food. You can buy the corn as a whole, or as half and choose with or without butter.

Banana-cue – This deep fried banana is coated with carmelized sugar and sold on a stick. It is a local favorite and many people eat it every day or at least once a week. Filipino street food always has room for banana-cue no matter where you are in the Philippine islands.

Piyaya – Piyaya is Bacolod's famous Filipino street food that is only found in Bacolod, Negros Occidental island. The flaky bread is filled with carmelized molasses sugar and is sold in original flavor, or other local flavors such as ube or pandan.

Fresh fruits – Fresh bananas, green mangoes, and many other fruits can be found on the street. Local fruits such as lanzones, comes in bunches similar to grapes, with a yellow skin that you can peel off and white fruit pieces inside.

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