Final Fantasy 13 Cheats

Make an extremely tedious game a bit less of a chore with these "Final Fantasy 13" cheats. Like most RPGs, "Final Fantasy 13" is full of little tricks and exploits to make the game much less of a grind. So, if you are finding yourself in a bit of a rut, try out some of these cheats for "Final Fantasy 13."

  1. Easy CP. This cheat is great for people who have nothing better to do and want to quickly become overpowered or just max out stats. When you get to the Archelyte Steppes in chapter 11, go to the eastern area of the map. You should see a behemoth fighting a wolf. Sneak up on these two and attack. You need to kill the behemoth first, because he will pretty much dominate you. He should go down easily due to it being a preemptive batle. You get a ton of CP for this. To continue farming this, just zone over to the next area and come back; the enemies will have respawned.
  2. Adamantoise farming. Adamantoise are a massive source for experience, money and end-game weapon ingredients in "Final Fantasy 13". Unfortunately, they will most likely smash you to bits if you fight legitimately. To easily kill an adamantoise, you need to have Vanille as your lead character. Go into battle and immediately use your summon. This will make the a adamantoise fall down. Unsummon your summon by using its final attack and begin debuffing it with your other characters. Have vanille spam death. Hopefully the adamantoise will die. If it gets back up, get out of battle and try again.
  3. Menu during cutscenes. This cheat is great for if you screwed up and do not have the right items or paradigms equipped before a fight. When the cutscene finally fades into the boss music and fight, press the menu button. This will allow you to do your usual battle set-ups.
  4. Fast ATB. This "Final Fantasy 13" cheat will let you get a full ATB bar quickly instead of having you wait forever. All you have to do is switch paradigms during battle. This will instantly fill up your ATB bar.
  5. Efficient upgrading. This cheat will save you a ton of money when upgrading your weapons. You want to use cheap materials, such as sturdy bones or ooze, until you get a multiplier of three. From here, you will want to use ingredients that give a lot more experience. This way, you will get the maximum amount of experience toward your upgrade for the least amount of cash.
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