Final Fantasy 13 Weapons

Try out any of these "Final Fantasy 13" weapons if you are looking for what is best to upgrade. "Final Fantasy 13" has a ton of different weapons, but these ones are definitely the best of their type. These weapons will give you the edge over anything the game throws at you.

  1. Axis Blade. This weapon for Lightning is one of the best weapons to upgrade in "Final Fantasy 13." This weapon gives Lightning a boost to her ATB charge, which can fill up ridiculously fast depending on your equipment. It may not be the most powerful weapon in the game, but its speed makes it insanely effective.
  2. Procyons. This weapon for Sazh is so good its almost game breaking. This weapon path has the stagger maintanence passive ability, which adds ten seconds to your stagger time. This allows you to completely destroy most anything you can stagger. This weapon makes "Final Fantasy 13" a breeze.
  3. Vidofnir. Vidofnir is the best weapon for Hope, the main buffing character in "Final Fantasy 13." Its passive ability is defense maintenance, which increases the time that your buffs, such as shell, protect and vigilance. The less time you spend refreshing buffs in battle gives you more time to either nuke the crap out of an enemy or heal your party, making this weapon the absolute best choice for a buff-style Hope.
  4. Healer's Staff. Healer's staff is definitely the best weapon to get for a heal-based Vanille. It increases the amount of health you restore by ten percent, which, while not neccesarily massive, can help save your skin a few times. Vanille is probably the best healer in "Final Fantasy 13," so giving her this weapon only makes sense.
  5. Pandoran Spear. While Fang does not have many good weapons, this is by far her best choice. This weapon comes with the improved debilitation ability, which will allow all your saboteur debuffs to land twenty percent more frequently. These spells are all really good and often fight changing, such as slow. The quicker you get slow to land, the quicker you can stagger the opponent and be done.
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