Final Fantasy Characters

The best of the “Final Fantasy” games could be argued about until the end of time, but specific “Final Fantasy” characters stand out among the hundreds created by Square Enix and the former Square. This article will contain spoilers for whichever game the character is in, so be forewarned.

  1. Cecil from “Final Fantasy IV” (“Final Fantasy II” for the Super Nintendo). Without a doubt the “Final Fantasy” character who went through the greatest change of all was the dark knight Cecil. If tricked into burning young summoner Rydia’s entire village down and massacring all within wasn’t enough, his love interest Rosa was then stricken with a deadly fever. Later after curing Rosa, she was subsequently captured and taken away by his best friend Kain. Cecil then heads off on an expedition to save Rosa, deal with Kain, become a paladin, travel to the moon and save his friends. Saving the world was just a bonus on top of his internal struggles. If only the DS release of Final Fantasy IV didn’t pronounce his name in a way no one could ever have imagined.
  2. Locke from “Final Fantasy VI” (“Final Fantasy III” for the Super Nintendo). Taking a page from the book of thieves throughout history, the “treasure hunter” Locke’s adventure begins as a quest for revenge against the Empire after they killed his beloved. Final Fantasy characters just have no luck at all once they find a girlfriend. Not long after meeting Empire soldier Celes and summoner Terra does his quest for revenge become something literally earth shattering. Taking on the entire Empire and it’s leader Kefka was a small part of Locke’s new life as he travels with his companions around the world. Once the world is decimated he must travel the world again to find his friends and defeat Kefka once and for all.
  3. Kuja from “Final Fantasy IX”. So many people think of villains like Sephiroth or Kefka as the evil characters to love in the “Final Fantasy” series, but Kuja stands out vividly among the pack. Starting off as nothing more than an arms dealer for Queen Brahne, it is soon learned that Kuja created black mages for battle by sucking up the soul of the planet. Defeating Brahne and then taking his army to the nation of Alexandria for war, it becomes obvious that Kuja works for one man and one man alone. Himself. Kuja created the black mages with souls only to let them fight in his personal war. The ones that survived wouldn’t live more than a few years at which point they would simply “stop”. On top of that, his entire existence was defined by spiting the one man more powerful then him.
  4. Wakka from “Final Fantasy X”. As a Blitzball player and unsuccessful jock, Wakka’s life is turned completely upside down when he meets Tidus. As a firm follower of the Yevon order he has a difficult time accepting the changing world and his religion losing all meaning and basis. Accepting change and escaping stubbornness in the face of adversity is something anyone could learn from even in the real world. Blitzball may have been the least fun part of Final Fantasy X, but nailing enemies with Wakka’s ball sure was a blast. How many games let you burn, freeze and utterly destroy enemies with balls?
  5. Laguna from “Final Fantasy VIII”. Sure Squall was the main character in Final Fantasy VIII, but Laguna was the contrasting entity that gave Squall meaning. When switching didn't mess up the hours you spent junctioning magic. Squall was wimpy, gave up easily and was only pushed along by his hot female travel companions. Laguna was a light-hearted soldier in love with a beautiful singer. But there was so much more than that. From lowly soldier in love to later becoming president of the nation he would save, Laguna could not be a sharper contrast to the reserved melancholy Squall. Plus no other character had the awesome guns Laguna could fight with. You know what they say about bringing a knife to a gun fight.



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