Find Duplicates In Excel

If you know how to find duplicates in Excel, you can save yourself and your company from including redundant data in charts and graphs. No one method can guarantee a person can get rid of all redundant data within a spread sheet. Fortunately, no law prevents a person from cloning data in Excel and removing it without mercy.

Things You Will Need to Find Duplicates in Excel:

  • Knowledge of How to Copy and Paste Cells in the Program
  1. Find  Excel duplicates in rows and columns. Select multiple rows of cells. Get as much information as you need in the multiple rows. Go to the data menu and select the filter option. The bottom of the data filter books contains a check box that says “Unique Records Only.” Excel does not lick this box by default. Check it and see what shows up in the copied columns. Delete the duplicate records in the original data and delete all of the copied cells.
  2. Find Duplicates in a Single Column. Finding Excel duplicates in a single column of an Excel spreadsheet requires different tactics. Bring up the formula because. Select format. Use the “=COUNTIF(A:A,A2)>1. option. Select the column with the duplicate options and use the format tool to select the cells to check. Duplicate cells will show up in the new cells in gray.
  3. Check the Spreadsheet By Hand. This method takes the longest and probably is something no one wants to do. However, it can pick up data the computer may have missed. Check for errors in data entry and check to see if typos caused redundant data to enter the database.

The surest way to remove duplicates in Excel is to use a combination of all these methods. Even then, computers only do what the users tell them to do. People often make mistakes. Going over the data several times hurts no one.

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