Find Local Indoor Paintball Fields

How to find local indoor paintball fields is really just common sense. Indoor paintball is a popular pastime and in some circles tournament sport. Indoor paintball facilities however are hard to come by except for densely populated areas. This article will give you simple suggestions for finding local indoor paintball fields and alternate locations that may provide paintballing indoors as an off business.

What you will need to find local indoor paintball fields:

  • Telephone
  • Phonebook
  • Newspaper
  • Internet
  • Computer
  1. The easiest place to look is your local phonebook. This can be either traditional or online. Look-up ‘Paintball’ or ‘Indoor Sports Center’ if there is an indoor facility in your town it would logically show up here. If not, you may need to spend some more time doing your homework.
  2. Next, check your local paper under the classified section or in the sports section. You will be looking for ads pertaining to paintball. Most indoor paintball facilities may not advertise this way but some may place ads for upcoming events or open play.
  3. Also, consider looking for places that offer laser tag or other indoor activities dealing with competition or fun events using Nerf guns or even water pistols. Some of these types of facilities double as indoor paintball facilities. Pick up the phone and give them a call and ask the simple question ’Do you have paintball activities.”
  4. Lastly, check with friends and aquatints to see if they know of any local indoor paintball locations. Call your local bowling alleys as well; sometimes the two games are affiliated through ownership. Short of this you are limited to what you can do to find an indoor paintball field. If these ideas fail, then it is a safe bet that there are no indoor paintball fields in your local area.
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