Find MySpace Chat Rooms

It's not that hard to find MySpace Chat Rooms. If you’re new to social networking or just are unfamiliar with this website, you have nothing to worry about. In just a few steps you’ll learn how to communicate with people from all over the world in minutes. Just be careful and don’t give away any personal information to strangers. 

  1. Join MySpace. Go to the MySpace website and create a free account. Click on “Sign Up” and submit your information. MySpace will send you back a verification message addressed to the e-mail you submitted; click on the link given to re-direct you back to the website.
  2. Logging In. Click on the link that says “Login.” Write the e-mail address you used to sign up in the e-mail box and the password you chose in the password box. Click “Login” again.
  3. Home Page and Friends. What you see now is your home page; you can edit it to look the way you want it. Let’s focus on the chat. Go to the gray bar at the right top of the page. Click on “My Stuff” and then on “Find Friends.”
  4. Add Friends. You can find new people using the Browse box at the right and click on the specifications you want or synchronize your MySpace account with your e-mail contact list. This option will find the friends from your contact list that have an account on MySpace and it’s always the safer option. As you find them, you can start scrolling through their profiles, and you may choose to add them as friends.
  5. Add IM Friends. Go back to the “Friends” page. Click on “All Friends” and you’ll see all the people who have accepted your invitation. Click on them to add them to your IM Contacts. You’ll see how their names and profile picture appear in the IM Contacts box at the right. This will make them appear on your MySpace chat room box.
  6. MySpace Chat Room Box. Go down to the end of the website window and you will see a gray bar that says “IM Friends,” click on it. You will see the friends that are connected your MySpace Chat Room. The green circle means they’re online. Click on the friend you want to talk to and a small window will appear on the bottom gray bar with the profile picture of the desired contact. You can open as many as you want. Now you can start chatting your hands off.
  7. You’re done! It is pretty easy to chat through MySpace Chat Rooms, talk to friends, and meet new people in this social network. The only problem you may find is that you cannot go to the profile of the friends you are talking to through the chat. But, it’s still fun because it’s easier to find people with the same musical preferences as you, for example.
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