Finger Placement On A Bowling Ball

Bowling is one of the most beloved sports in the United States, and finger placement on a bowling ball is important. It has a direct impact on a person's game in their release, speed and reaction when the ball is thrown down the lane. In considering how to place your fingers in and on your bowling ball, there are a few steps to remember.

  1. Choose finger drilling and grips that suit your bowling style. The kind of finger grips you use in your bowling ball play a big part in your finger placement. If you have a conventional grip, your thumb will be closer to your middle and ring fingers, as the holes will be closer as well. There won't be much of a span, and your fingers will fit into the ball up to the second knuckles. If you have a fingertip grip, you will only be able to grip the ball with your fingertips on the middle and ring fingers, which will require a longer span between those holes and the one for your thumb. This type of finger placement on a bowling ball is much more comfortable and natural.
  2. Take your ball release into consideration. The way you release the ball and how your hand is positioned will affect your finger placement. For instance, if you throw a hook and are right-handed, you will notice your thumb will be at about the ten o'clock position. Your pinky will come into play as well, in spite of not being inserted in the ball. It will help to support one end of the ball upon your arm swing. If you are a right-handed backup bowler, your thumb will be in anywhere between the two and three o'clock position, with your other fingers pointing in a straight, direct line toward the pins. Your pinky and forefinger will also help to support the ball at your arm swing, with both slightly spread out.
  3. Place your fingers as far into the ball as they can fit. Then, slide your thumb into the ball. This type of finger placement will give you less revolutions when you release the ball, but will also give you a more relaxed release.
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