Finger Tattoos For Men

Check out some finger tattoos for men. Finger tattoos go on the finger, and near the knuckle. Finger tattoos cover part or all of the fingers. There is a little more space to work with since you can potentially cover the whole finger. Men and women both have the option of getting a tattoo on any or all of the fingers. It's good to get some ideas on what you want for a finger tattoo.

  1. Rings. Look at some of the designs of men's rings. If you own any rings already, examine the design on them or print out a design online and take it with you to your tattoo appointment. Just make sure the design is coming from a guys ring.
  2. Special dates. Get a tattoo with the date of a special occasion or fond memory on your finger. Use any kind of tattoo writing and use all numbers or a combination of letters (tattooed spelling the month) and numbers of the fond memory.
  3. Sword or medieval knife. If you are into medieval history, get a finger tattoo of some of the medieval weapons used in those settings, bow, arrows and swords are a couple of examples.
  4. Cartoon character. For those who like cartoons, there are some timeless cartoons and characters out there. With a good artist, Fred Flinstone, Bam -bam, George Jetson, Scooby-doo, or any of your favorite characters can make for an awesome finger tattoo.
  5. Favorite rockstar. Get a tattoo of one of the Beatles or John Lennon or another rock star you really enjoy. Your finger isn't the largest piece of canvas to work with so be aware of that. You need a really good tattoo artist to get some of these finger tattoo ideas right.
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