First Dance Songs For Weddings

These first dance songs for weddings will make any wedding ceremony phenomenal. Each of these songs beautifully express love and romance, making them ideal as the first dance song at a wedding. You won't want to overlook these great music choices as they may be the perfect choice for your wedding.

  1. Ingrid Michaelson, "Can't Help Falling In Love": This cover of Elvis Presley's song is beautifully sung by Michaelson. This song is the perfect introduction song for a wedding, making it the ideal first dance song for weddings. It's an amazing song you won't regret choosing for your wedding.
  2. The Carpenters, "Close To You": This Great song by the Carpenters is a fun love song with enjoyable lyrics that make a romantic setting for a wedding. The Carpenter's superb vocals and the song's great beat make it ideal as the first dance song for a wedding. It's a unique choice that will help people remember your wedding for years.
  3. Cat Powers, "Sea of Love": This is one of the greatest love songs in history sung perfectly by Cat Powers. It beautifully captures eternal romance, making it exceptional as the first dance song for a wedding. This is an exceptional choice that can make a bride and groom thrilled to dance to this song.
  4. Elton John, "Live Like Horses": This is a miraculous song that Elton John sings slowly and beautifully. This song features Luciano Pavarotti, making it a great collaboration that everyone can enjoy. It's a unique song that will make a wedding special if used as the first song for a wedding.
  5. Florence and the Machine, "Cosmic Love": This is a spectacular love song with a more upbeat and unique indie pop style. It's an extremely great choice if you're looking for something different that will stand out during your ceremony. It's a great choice as the first song for a wedding that won't leave you disappointed.
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