First Date Coffee or Drink? A Strategy Guide

First date coffee or drinks are a lot less intimidating than a sit down dinner may be. Deciding on which is better for the both of you is going to take a little contemplation. No matter what you choose, it is all about what is going to have the best outcome.

Pro Drinks
Nerves can make or break a first date. If you are so nervous you can barely think, going for a drink may be a good option for you. Coffee is a stimulant so the last thing you need is to have it in your system. A drink could help you relax enough to be able to make a more positive impression.

If you are someone who drinks coffee and then has to run to use the bathroom soon afterwards, consider avoiding it at all costs. Having a drink could keep you out of the bathroom and spending more time with your date. Chances are you would rather not have your date waiting while you spend your time sitting in the bathroom.

Pro Coffee
Sometimes after one or two drinks, a person can go from completely sober to a little drunk. This is not exactly the best impression you want to leave on a first date. Stick to the coffee if you are not someone that handles alcohol very well.

Another issue with alcohol is the cost. If you want to have good conversation on a first date without spending an exorbitant amount of money, coffee is the way to go. On a coffee date, you may spend twenty dollars at the most for two cups of coffee each and two desserts. Depending on where you go for drinks, your twenty dollars may get you only two drinks.

Before you plan your first date with a woman and you are deciding between coffee and drinks, it is important to look at several aspects instead of just what you are in the mood for. Your choice could mean the difference between a great first date and it being the last date with that person.

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