First Date Dinner Etiquette

First date dinner etiquette is important. It will have an impact on a woman's overall impression of you and it will determine if there will be another date. You do not need to take etiquette classes or spend hours researching first date dinner etiquette. Instead, rely on basic manners and act in accordance to the setting.

  1. Basic Table Manners There are some things about sitting at a table and consuming food in the company of others that you should have learned long ago. If you have been a bachelor for a while, you may want to brush up on basic etiquette, such as not talking with your mouth full. Also, remember to avoid noises such as slurping, burping, or loud chewing. These are turn offs for women and they are generally impolite.
  2. Ordering If there are things on the menu that you are not familiar with, don't panic. First date dinner etiquette does not require you to be a culinary genius. You can ask questions of the restaurant staff or your date. This may even generate an interesting conversation. If you make a mistake in pronunciation or order something that does not make sense and you receive clarification your date or the server, do not get angry and insist that you are right. 
  3. Interacting With The Staff Arrogant self-importance is a violation of first date dinner etiquette. Do not insult the people who serve you or speak to them using haughty tones or language. Do not yell to get attention or snap your fingers when you need help. Also, do not expect the entire staff to oblige every time you or your date is in need. These actions will not make you seem important. They will make you look ignorant and unattractive.
  4. Fine Dining If you know in advance that you will be eating at a classy restaurant, take the time to briefly learn which implements are used for which items. You do not have to remember what every glass and piece of silverware in a set are for, but you should know the difference between a tea spoon and soup spoon.
  5. Alcohol If you have an alcohol problem, solve it before you start dating or abstain from alcoholic beverages. Your date does not want to watch you get drunk. She definitely does not want bear the burden of your body weight because you are too intoxicated to walk properly. Adhere to first date dinner etiquette by drinking moderately.
  6. Enjoyment Of course you are hoping to enjoy yourself, but sometimes it does not work out that way. If you want to end the date, find a polite way to express that desire. Once your guest is informed, you two should leave the restaurant together. First date dinner etiquette does not permit you to announce your displeasure and storm out leaving your guest sitting at the table.  
  7.  The Bill Who should pay is a first date dinner etiquette topic that continues to spark debate. Perhaps a woman should pay her share of the cost. However, if you find yourself in a restaurant with a woman who appears to have a different opinion, do not spark a debate or start an argument. Be a gentleman and pay. 
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