First Time Sex Problems

A few common first time sex problems happen to many young couples. For the most part they’re pretty hard to avoid. But being aware of them and prepared can help when you have sex for the first time. The real key to remember is that if you and your partner like each other enough to have sex, then it shouldn’t be an uncomfortable or stressful situation. A relaxed atmosphere combined with preparedness for common problems (pointed out in the list below) will make the first time you have sex more enjoyable and less nerve wracking.

  1. Sex will likely be a little painful for her. When a female has sex for the first time, a protective layer of tissue in her vagina called the hymen will likely break. For most, it tends to involve a bit of bleeding and some pain. To counter this problem, it is best to take things as slow as possible the first time, and to make sure she’s very wet before attempting penetration.
  2. Premature ejaculation happens to guys who are new at sex. There are very few ways around this problem. The first time you have sex will be so exciting and arousing that you will probably climax pretty quickly. Condoms, which are a good idea to use anyway, will help to desensitize your genital area and make you last longer. Masturbating before sex will, too. Either way, it shouldn’t matter much. If you’re both still in the mood, you can just take a quick break from sex and go at it again in a few minutes.
  3. Try not to let nervousness or apprehension get in the way. For many people, the stress of first time sex –worrying about performance, whether your partner will be satisfied, being stark naked with another person – can be hard to overcome. The best way to deal with this problem is to make sure you’re completely comfortable with the person you plan on having sex with. Take it lightly, and don’t be afraid to laugh a bit the first time around. You’re figuring out sex together, so look at it as an exploration instead of a test.
  4. Don’t consider it a failure if first time sex doesn’t lead to an orgasm. As you learn more about sex, you and your partner will figure out what you like most sexually. The first time, more or less, is a test run. An orgasm, meanwhile, is the finish line. Sexual relationships are marathons, not sprints. So don’t get worried if nothing climactic happens the first time you have sex.
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