Fishing Bait Bags For Beginners

Not many people fully understand this brilliant concept which is why there are many fishing bait bags available for beginners to purchase. It fits the spending patterns of the novice fisherman who buys everything without actually knowing why. Much like the silvery speckled frog jig that is never used, fishing bait bags are purchased based on looks. A cool forest green camouflage design with some sort of high tech fiber makes a great sale pitch but you know what also works? A filthy old sock.

  1. What is it. Fishing bait bags are not just for beginners or the guys who would throw down good money for any cool fishing gadget. Fishing bait bags are simply a pouch used to hold bait that dangles from the fishermen in a convenient location like off the chest. Worms are the common bait used in fishing bait bags and probably pushed the concept because it is such a hassle to open up a Styrofoam container and sift through soil. Fishing bait bags simply hold the worms. No dirt or lids. They are an open pouch that holds bait which is very convenient to a guy standing in a creek holding a fishing pole.
  2. Money bags. Beginners may get swept up in the design features of the fishing bait bags offered for sale. Some boast they are water tight while others will maintain a steady temperature. They are nicer looking than a filthy old sock but the worms do not seem to mind either one. Since fishing bait bags create a dark atmosphere, worms just lay there and wait to be used. If you go the sock route and feel bad for the worms on a hot day then dip them in the water for a second. But this is seldom needed unless you fish in the desert.
  3. Bait. Beginners might not realize this but fishing bait bags can hold a lot more than worms. The sock fishing bait bags can also accommodate shrimp, cut fish, minnows, etc. But if you use wet bait you should definitely line the sock with a plastic sandwich bag. This will help retain moisture and keep the foul liquids off you. Also, the great advantage of the filthy sock fishing bags is you can throw them away after a day of fishing the delta using frozen anchovies and prawns. 
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