Fishing Bait Buckets

Fishing bait buckets have a requirement that you need to consider before you use one. Live fishing bait such as fish and shrimp need to breath, lest they’ll die before you catch anything. Take their need for healthy water conditions seriously and you’ll enhance your next fishing trip with fresh bait.

  1. “Flow-Through Bucket” Flow-through buckets are inexpensive option that features perforations. Its holes allow them to float and circulate water freely, which is advantageous to keeping your bait alive. Unfortunately, shallow water gets hot during the summer, and you risk accidentally cooking your bait if their water gets too hot. You may have to consider a different type of fishing bait bucket for trouble-free summertime fishing. Another issue that can arise with this bait system is causing your fishing bait stress when you pull the bucket in and out of your boat.
  2. “Aerating Bucket” Aerating fishing bait buckets feature mechanical air pumps. Air bubbles travel around the live bait and keep oxygen levels high. These bubbles also keep the water cooler. Enhancing an aerating bucket with a drip-ice system keeps fishing bait cool, too.  Your ability to lower the temperature that surrounds live bait is an advantage. However, if you’re planning on using this fishing bait bucket in saltwater conditions, you may want to think twice. This bucket’s metallic parts are generally susceptible to corrosion.
  3. Sprayer Bucket” The name describes how this fishing bait bucket functions.  The pumps extracts water from within the container, circulates it, and sprays it back in. Like the aerating fishing bait bucket, it supplies a good amount of oxygen to your bait, if you keep the lid closed. A notable drawback is the bucket’s pump, which generates heat. Make sure you pick one with an external pump to prevent cooking your bait. Also, these units are bulky. Sprayer buckets are best suited for folks with mid-size or larger fishing vessels.  
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