Fishing Lures For Freshwater Fishing

Fishing lures for freshwater fishing will give you the insight necessary to choose the right equipment when pursuing game fish in your local freshwaters. One of the main differences in lures for freshwater versus saltwater lures are the hooks. Most hooks used for fish in freshwater are bronze, while hooks used for lures in saltwater lack this bronze finish and usually have a galvanized appearance. While some saltwater lures may be effective for catching freshwater fish, knowing the right lures for freshwater fishing can give you the edge when you’re on the water.

  1. Crankabits. One type of lure that’s extremely effective for freshwater fishing is crankbaits. Crankbaits feature either a minnow or drop-belly type body with a plastic lip on the front. As you reel in the crankbait, the resistance that this lip causes gives the crankbait its action or “wiggle.” There’s a countless amount of crankbaits available to anglers today. Whether you’re fishing deep lakes or shallow rivers, you’ll be able to find a crankbait that fits the bill.
  2. Topwater. Another versatile bait for freshwater fishing are topwaters. Topwaters not only catch a wide-variety of fish, but can be extremely fun to catch due to the strikes they produce! Topwater baits can range from prop baits, jitterbugs, buzzers, and walk-the-dog jerkbaits. Whatever type of fish you’re pursuing, you certainly should add a couple of topwater baits tailored towards the species you’re pursuing.
  3. Spinner baits. If you’re looking for a fresh water bait that’s easy to use, works great in cover, and is fairly inexpensive, than spinner baits will become one of your favorites very quickly. Spinner baits use a wire arm with an attached blade connected to a jig head that creates a fish-catching action that’s hard for predatory fish to resist. Whether you’re fishing for bass or musky, spinner baits are a great option to throw around cover or open water.
  4. Jerk baits. Jerk baits cover a wide-variety of lures that will give you a much need boost to your fishing tackle arsenal. Jerk baits range from twitch baits to topwater jerk baits. Jerk baits are simply what they say they are, you jerk them to create the action. Jerk baits can be extremely effective on neutral fish or highly aggressive predatory fish. Due to their “injured” fish looking action, predatory fish take advantage of these types of lures.
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