Fix Initializing The Root Folders To Display Message

Are you looking to fix initializing the root folders to display message? For anyone who has ever used a Windows computer, you know that when the system is working on all cyllinders, it's a fast and smooth system that helps users get tasks done everyday while at school, work, or even home. But sometimes things happen that make the system not respond the way we want it to.

For users who are using the newer versions of the Microsoft Office suites, they will receive a message stating, "initializing the root folders to display" any time that you open Word, Excel, Access, etc. This happens when a user has a mapped network drive. A mapped network drive is basically a link to a hard drive that is not a part of the initial computer; these are usually server drives that employees use to store their files and documents on. This allows them access to the folders on the server that they need without need to type in the actual address of the server.

This can also be an external drive that might be a part of a person's network that they can access remotely.

The "initializing the root folders to display" message occurs when Windows determines that the mapped network drive is disconnected or is awaiting for some form of credentials (such as your login to the server). The only way to correct this is to reconnect the drive you are trying to get to. To do this in Windows 7 or Vista –

  1. Open the Computer menu.
  2. Click on the mapped drive that is disconnected and go to Tools.
  3. Under Tools, choose reconnect network drive.

Knowing how to fix the initializing the root folders to display message that pops up when trying to connect to a mapped netwrok drive can stop the frustration at trying to get to work and being unable to.

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