Fixed Gear Parts

Fixed gear parts are different parts for bicycles that people ride in the city and other urban environments. These bicycle parts must be durable, as they will be used for bike riding that consists of a a lot of stop and go, as opposed to racing road bikes which are built with light parts that allow the bike to move as quickly as possible from one point to the next. It is important to know about each of these fixed gear parts on your bicycle that you will be riding in this urban environment so you know what you will need to replace if anything on your bike breaks, or how you should choose the fixed bike parts that are right for your custom bicycle.

  1. Bike Chains. The bike chains on fixed gear parts are often thicker and more heavy duty then other types of bike chains, as they have to withstand more strain and therefore keep from breaking. Many of these chains are meant for single-speed bikes and many of them can be bought in different colors.
  2. Crankset. Cranksets are fixed gear parts on heavy duty parts that must also be relatively heavy duty as well, as they connect to the larger bike chain and also the pedals on the bike. In other words, they will be subjected to the majority of the strain from the bicycle's operation, so the crankset is one of the most important fixed gear parts and worth spending an extra amount of money on.
  3. Handlebars. Handlebars are fixed gear bike parts that have an obvious purpose, allowing the rider to have something to hold onto while they bike from place to place in a city. As the other fixed gear parts are a bit heavier for durability purposes it is a good idea to purchase lighter, aluminum handlebars, so that it doesn't add a lot more weight to your bike, therefore making it that much more difficult to ride from place to place.
  4. Stems. Stems are fixed gear parts that hold different sections of the bike together, like the handlebars to the body of the bike. Much like the handlebars, the ideal stems are sturdy pieces of metal but also light, so that you're not adding a lot more weight to your bike's body.
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