Flexible Positions

Lust is fun, Twister is fun, and if you put them together, you have flexible positions for sex. When missionary and doggy-style get old, try some of these sexually flexible positions. You might find that you are able to "stretch" your pleasure.

  1. The Bounce. Your lady lays on her back and pulls her knees to her chest and lifts her feet in the air. You squat over her pelvis, facing away from her. You angle your erection downwards to penetrate her. You allow your weight to bounce on her pelvis and her thighs as you slide in and out of her.
  2. Over the Edge. You sit on the edge of the bed with your legs off the side. Your lady sits in your lap and puts her legs on either side of your hips, extended on the bed. You penetrate her. Hold onto her hips. She bends backwards until her body is cantilevering over the floor, anchored at your hips.
  3. Pogo Sex. Your woman lays on the floor and brings her legs over her shoulders. The balls of her feet rest on the floor far behind her head. Her weight rests on her elbows, and her hands are holding her up at the small of her back. You squat over her, one leg between hers and the other behind her back. Penetrate her from above.
  4. Symmetrical Pogo Sex. Get into the same position as Pogo Sex, but straddle her legs and face her head. Penetrate her from above.
  5. Sit-n-play. Seat yourself on the bed for this flexible position. Spread your legs wide. Your lady lays down between your legs, on her back, her pelvis pressing against yours. You penetrate her. Her legs are against your chest, one over each shoulder. 
  6. Pushing the Airplane. Your lady rests her upper body on the bed, face down, her pelvis and her legs off the edge. You penetrate her from behind, gripping her hips. She spreads her legs out wide behind her, to either side of your hips.
  7. X Marks the Spot. In this flexible position, you lay on your back with your legs open. She faces away from you, and extends her legs to either side of your shoulders. She puts her weight on her forearms as your penetrate her. 
  8. Inverted X. This flexible position is similar to X Marks the Spot, but you are on top, penetrating her from above.
  9. Bridge of Pleasure. Your lady plants her shoulders and heels on the bed and lifts her hips, arching upwards with her legs spread. You get on your knees and penetrate her between her legs.
  10. Elevated Bridge. This flexible position is similar to the Bridge of Pleasure, but your lady lifts herself on her elbows or her hands.
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