Flip Cup Rules

Flip cup rules are quite simple, as any drinking game should be. Though the owner of the house or thrower of the party my instate some additional "house rules" to be followed, these are the general flip cup rules.

  1. Prepare the materials needed for the game. Every player will need a plastic cup filled partway with beer. It doesn't matter where you fill it to, flip cup rules just dictate that everyone needs to have close to the same amount in their cup-unless you are a show off and want to demonstrate your ability to chug more just as quickly.
  2. Pick teams. Flip cup is best played relay race style. You'll want to line up in the order you're going to drink, but it is best to have strong drinkers at the start and end of the line-up.
  3. Rules and protocol. To begin a round of flip cup, the first two people to drink should tap their cups to the table, tap their cups together, tap them back on the table and then chug the beer in their cups as fast as possible.
  4. Once the beer has been completely finished, a player will place their cup on the table in front of them. Leave a little big hanging off the edge so that you can place your finger underneath it and flip it. Flip cup rules state that you must continue to flip your cup until you get it to land on the table, upside down, no matter how many tries that may take.
  5. Once the cup has been properly flipped, the next person on the team will begin to chug their beer and flip their cup. This continues all the way down the line until one team finishes first and is declared the winners!

Small variations to these flip cup rules exist, mostly due to personal preferences that grow after a while of playing this popular drinking game.

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