Flonase Side Effects

Flonase, a commonly prescribed medication for seasonal allergies, can have side effects just like any other drug. It is important to learn about these side effects before you start using Flonase. Most of the possible side effects are minor and easily treated or stop when you stop using it, but there are some others that are more severe.

  1. Nasal irritation. Since Flonase is taken through your nose it is possible to have irrititaion in the nasal canal. This side effect could also include the possibility of nosebleeds or a buring senstation. If you find yourself having nosebleeds continuously you should get in touch with your doctor.
  2. Loss of sense of smell. Another one of the side effects that is a result of the medication being taken through the nose, losing your sense of smell is possible. It is also possible to lose your sense of taste.
  3. Shortness of breath. This is one of the more serious Flonase side effects. If you can't catch your breath or have a shortness of breath make sure you call your doctor.
  4. Nasal discharge. Any unusual or strange nase dishcharge should be reported to your doctor.
  5. Allergic reaction. There is always the possibility of an allergic reaction when you take any kind of medication. An allergic reaction to Flonase may include hives or a rash. It may also include a difficulty breathing or feeling a tightness in the chest. Although having an allergic reaction is not one of the common side effects of Flonase, if it does happen you should call your doctor.
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