Fluid Around The Heart Causes

Fluid around the heart can be caused by many different things from a bacterial infection to how the body reacts after a medical procedure. This condition is known as pericardial effusion and can be fatal if the heart is not able to pump properly from the restriction of the fluid. Most of the time the fluid drained is drained so that the heart does not have to work so hard at pumping.  Here is a list of some of the ways fluid can get around the heart:

  1. Fluid around the heart can stem from an illness that causes inflammation within the body.  The illness itself does not have to be life threatening because a thyroid disease can cause this fluid problem within the body just because of the strain that it puts on the heart from the thyroid. Thyroid disease causes the body to slow down which in the end will affect the condition of the heart. Though thyroid disease is not life threatening there are life-threatening diseases that will cause inflammation, which causes fluid to build up around the heart. Some of those diseases are cancer, AIDS/HIV, bacterial infections as well as viral infections.
  2. Diseases are not the only way to cause fluid around the heart; the fluid can also come because of trauma that you experienced in the chest area. This result of this cause can be anything from a heart attack to any type of surgery where the doctor had to cut open the chest area. Even radiation and chemotherapy can cause fluid to fill up around the heart area because of its intensity affecting other organs of the body and weakening the immune system.
  3. A weak immune system can affect fluid being built up around the heart and often times it is a result of medications. The medications being taken are helping the body to control other illnesses that have affected the body. The problem with being sick is that medications have side effects and fluid around the heart is unfortunately one of the more serious side effects from the medications.

There are several causes as to why there is fluid around the heart but whatever the reasoning is behind it make sure that you have the doctor check it out. Your heart does not need any added strain when pumping to keep you alive.

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