Fly Fishing Tips For Bonefish

Bonefish like shrimp, and with these fly fishing tips for bonefish, you will soon be on your way to imitating a shrimp. It is important to make sure the the bonefish has noticed the fly, so the key is to make it have movements that imitate how a small shrimp would move. There are a few things to keep in mind as you do this.

  1. Watch out for to much slack. If you have to much slack as you try to move the fly, the fly might just sit still. Fly fishing is all about how you handle your line, and keeping the slack tight is key when fishing for bonefish.
  2. Lower the tip of your rod all the way down to the water. This works when you are fly fishing for bonefish in deeper waters. You can even touch the very tip of the water with your rod. Make sure the line is straight so when you move the line even the slightest bit, the fly will move as well.
  3. In shallow water let the fly sink. When you are fly fishing in water is less than a foot deep, bonefish will tend to go after the fly as it is sinking. If you don't get a reaction from the bonefish give the fly a gentle bump to catch its attention.
  4. Keep slow and steady movements. If you see the bonefish following the fly without trying to get it, give it some slow and steady movement. Bonefish look for food that moves slowly, so keep the movement of your fly slow. The materials it is made of will give it enough wiggle.  
  5. Never move the fly toward the fish. Fish are not used to being attacked by their food, and if you move the fly toward the bonefish it will get frightened. Make sure you are always moving the fly away from the fish so it is pursuing it.
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