Fly Fishing Tips For Pike

These fly fishing tips for pike will help you to make that catch almost every time. Pike tend to be very gluttonous fish and will go after almost any kind of bait. It is also important to realize that pike have a good set of teeth on them, so you need to be careful as you pull it in.

  1. Fish in marshy areas. Pike like to stay in cool waters in areas that are marshy with weed beds. The best time of year to fish for pike is during spring and later summer. As the water in a lake warms up in the summer, pike will move to cooler areas.
  2. Use a powerful rod. You will need it. Fly fishing for pike is not easy, and they will put up a fight. They are even known to lie still at the bottom of the lake for a while after swallowing the fly. Just as the angler thinks they haven't caught anything, the pike will pull with all their might. Don't be surprised if you find yourself going for a swim.
  3. Use three to six inch fly lures. Wet fly lures work best when fly fishing for pike. Black flies with a strong silhouette are also the best bait to use.
  4. To keep or to return. If you are lucky enough to remain in the boat and catch a pike or if you decide to catch and release, make sure you don't land the pike. Just reel it in to the side of the boat and release the hook. If you are unable to release the hook then just cut the line. Since the hook will disintegrate, it will not harm the fish.
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