Fly Fishing Tips For Redfish

If you are up for a challenge, try these fly fishing tips for redfish. Sight fishing for redfish is one of the ultimate challenges, but it is not for everyone. This fish can tend to be very nervous so it takes a lot of patience. They live in extremely clear water that is shallow, and are tough to fool.

  1. Get out of the boat. Wading will make your chances of catching a redfish much better. When fly fishing for redfish, it is often necessary to use a long distance cast, and wading will make your odds much better.
  2. Use eight to ten pound tackle. This is good to start with along with spinning reels to allow for more distance when you cast.
  3. Fish at low tide. The best time for fly fishing for red fish is during a low incoming tide. The fish will sit in the deeper waters waiting for the tide to push in, and move up on the flats to feed.
  4. Look for tails. Since redfish are bottom feeders, you can often see their tails breaking the surface as they hunt for crabs and shrimp.
  5. Present the fly in front of them. Although this can take some practice, the idea when fly fishing for redfish is to have the fly land in front of them and then drag it across their path. It sometimes takes a few casts to get this right, since if it hits to hard it will scare them. They also may not see it if they are buried in the grass hunting.
  6. Use weedless baits. You can also use surface lures that are lightweight along with popper flies.
  7. Use shrimp to lure them in. Since redfish have a great sense of smell you can use a live shrimp or a very fresh dead one to lure him in. Let it sink and then wait for him to hit it.
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