Folk Style Wrestling Moves

You want to sharpen your skills, so here are a few folk style wrestling moves that you can use the next time you are on the mat. This list provides a basic glimpse of the array of techniques used in folk style wrestling. The techniques below are perfect for any level of training.

  1. Grandby roll. Show your opponent what you are working with with this class folk style wrestling move. This move is performed in referee position, or down position. The bottom guy props up, grab control, and roll over towards his elbow. If done correctly, your opponent will land on his back and you should have grip of his arm.
  2. Front Head Lock Throw. Impress your audience with this easy move. First, set up your opponent in the underhook or overunder position. When your opponent step backwards, you step inside, pop your hips over, and throw him over your hips. It is important when you execute this move that you keep control. When you land, you should still have your opponent in the headlock position. Sit through pulling up on the head to secure when your opponent is on the mat.
  3. Arm Bar. Have your opponent screaming through his tonsils with this submission like move. You will first need to break your opponent down from referee position. Work your arm through his arm, and using your other had dig through his neck while throwing this same arm on your shoulder. To prevent your opponent from escaping, stay posted on your knees.
  4. Two on One Tilt. Bring your opponent to his back from down position with this clever  folk style wrestling move. First, you will need to have control of one of his hands with two of your hands. Take him into your laps while maintaining control of his arm.
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