Folkstyle Wrestling Techniques For Beginners

Folkstyle wrestling techniques for beginners can help you improve in this competitive and challenging sport. The name “folkstyle” wrestling might be a little misleading. The same scoring, rules and moves used in folkstyle wrestling are used in collegiate wrestling. In fact, the names are often interchangeable. This means that if you have any familiarity with collegiate wrestling, you already know something about folkstyle wrestling, as well.

  1. Go to a few matches. To learn more about folkstyle wrestling when you’re just beginning, attend some matches in your area. Local high schools and colleges often have open matches that the public can attend. Pay close attention to the moves the players use, when they get penalized and how they win. Players can be penalized for things like holding a move too long or not using an official folkstyle wrestling move. A specific type of move to pay attention to are takedown moves. For example, the single leg takedown is done by gripping behind your opponent’s knee and pulling as hard as you can, bringing him to the ground.
  2. Read up on how to score points. Scoring is a very important part of folkstyle wrestling. After all, it is how you ultimately win matches. Certain moves during the match are worth points, such as taking down your opponent, escaping your opponent’s hold or gaining control over your opponent. Some types of moves are worth more points than others. For example, a simple headlock, which involves gripping your opponent around the neck with your, is generally worth less points than something a bit more complicated, such as the offense technique. This folkstyle wrestling move is done by pushing on your opponent’s back and reaching underneath him to take out his legs.
  3. Learn about penalties. If you have a penalty called on you, then you will actually lose points. Usually, penalties will only result in losing one point. They can include technical violations, stalling, roughness, illegal holds, a false start or general misconduct. One way to lose points is to do a folkstyle wrestling move incorrectly. For example, if you start the headlock move but then hit your opponent in the side of the head, you may be penalized for bad conduct.  
  4. Join a team or take a class. If you’re going to school in high school or college, you can join the wrestling team. This is an excellent way to learn about the various moves of folkstyle wrestling and how to execute them correctly. If you’re not in school, you can take a class in folkstyle wrestling to learn more. A class can also help you learn variations on folkstyle wrestling moves. The defense technique, for example, involves twisting your opponent’s arm behind him to make him immobile. However, there are many variations on this move that you can learn.
  5. Condition your body. To be a successful folkstyle wrestler, you need to be in shape. You need to be strong enough to overpower your opponent and to execute the various folkstyle wrestling moves. For example, a move like the bicep crusher, which involves crushing your opponent’s upper arm between your legs, requires  a lot of strength to execute effectively. You must also have enough endurance to make it all the way through the match. This makes both weight training and cardiovascular exercises very important when conditioning your body for folkstyle wrestling.
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