Fondle Definition

Learn about the fondle definition if you want to have some fun. Fondling is a language spoken all its own, a word doesn’t have to be uttered; just a lot of touching, cuddling, hugging and any type of physical affection you want to shower upon her. You can fondle her in public in a playful way or in private in a more intimate way. The point is when you fondle her, it shows you have true feelings for her.

  1. Caress the arm. With the tips of your fingers, glide your hand up and down her arm. When you get to the end of her arm, caress her hand. When you fondle her in this mild manner, she will know you are trying to get closer to her.

  2. Stroke her back. You are trying to form a close connection with her. Fondle her back with your big strong hands as you grab her and pull her closer to you in a deep embrace.

  3. Tenderly touching her. Gently rub her hair, shoulder, face, arms and legs. She will definitely take notice of how tender and caring you are towards her when you fondle her in this way.

  4. Playful affection. There is even room for fondling when you are playing games, especially a game with some contact. That would be a good time for a little fooling around as you fondle her playfully.

  5. Embrace. Give her plenty of hugs and tugs when you fondle her. Perhaps you are trying to have an intimate moment with her. Fondling is a good place to start, to get her in the right kind of mood to want to go even further.

Just make sure when you fondle her, you are not stepping over any lines or boundaries she’s not ready for you to cross. The feelings have to be mutual or she will surely stop you in your tracks.

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