Foo Fighters Greatest Hits

It's a tough transition to go from one of the biggest bands in the world to starting another band and still deliver hits without being derivative but that's where the 10 Foo Fighters Greatest Hits make their stand. Grohl and company not only brings the rock but they add humor with their videos and antics. The Foo have a lot of solid songs but when you want the greatest of them you need to tackle this list head on.

  1. "Monkey Wrench" Everyone has tried to sing the one breath and go lyric of "One last time before I quit…" and ended up red faced and in awe of Grohl's lung capacity.  This song drives through the chest as it rhythmically stomps on you. A greatest hit with perfect hooks and a pulse pounding frenetic beat makes "Monkey Wrench" top of the charts.
  2. "Lonely as You" Summed up with "Wake up you're dreaming, I can't stand your screaming", the Foo Fighters deliver a tic creating song. A soft build both musically and lyrically ends with you screaming along. "Lonely as You" is a full bodied song with hints of desperation and success.
  3. "All My Life" Classically introduced with the Grohl plus guitar combination, "All My Life" ebbs and swells.  The Foo Fighters play with the anatomy as the music forces a series of jolts and rests upon the listener.  "Done I'm done and I'm onto the next one" puts us back on the road to wherever we were headed all along.
  4. "My Hero" A drum and bass start with instant recognition. Everyone has a hero but it's with the "He's ordinary" line that we see the truth in everyday people. "My Hero" worms it's way into the consciousness of fans and average listeners thus earning greatest hit status.
  5. "Friend of a Friend" A departure from hooks and walls of sound as a gentle song with gentle guitar backing lets the lyrics speak out powerfully.  "He's never been in love, But he knows just what love is", words that evoke our own lonely times and a truth that goes deep.  Empathy and sympathy are evoked in "Friend of a Friend" as Grohl gently pushes the song along, making a small world for him and the listener to share.
  6. "Up in Arms" Roughly the exact same song done in two parts: slow and speedy. A great song about friendship and love and the dichotomy of music keeps both sides of the song powerful in their own ways. "Up in Arms" is exactly where we want them to be.
  7. "Learn to Fly" A song about searching for meaning, and questing for redemption. The music seems like a strong tide that slowly keeps you just off balance enough to have to concentrate on keeping your head up.  "Learn to Fly" is a wink telling you things are going to be okay right when you needed it most.
  8. "I'll Stick Around" Making the greatest hits list, "I'll Stick Around" is the song that shows the Foo Fighters are on the way towards something unique. The power, the vocals, the lyrics are there but still in the incubation stage.  This is the song that provides the portent that the Foo Fighters will make their mark.
  9. "New Way Home" Take a walk at night through a familiar area and see how the shadows make it foreboding.  "New Way Home" is the theme song for a walk in the dark, as you tell yourself that there's nothing to fear and at the same time your pace quickens. Another greatest hit as the Foo Fighters take the familiar and making it something you can hum along with and find solace in you not being alone anymore.
  10. "The Pretender" The passion is still there after all the years and it bleeds through on "The Pretender". A mix of knowledge and raw emotion break on the shore over and over as the Foo Fighters aren't done with getting your attention. Listen with the same intensity that they play with and let them take you back home and push you out farther than you've been before.
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