Food Poisoning Vs Stomach Flu

Find out what is making you feel like crap in the epic battle of food poisoning vs stomach flu! Both food poisoning and the stomach flu are sure to make you feel awful and knock you down for a few days, but knowing which one you have could save you a ton of grief. They are both very similar, but a stomach flu can end up much worse than food poisoning.

Food poisoning is often brought upon by bacteria, parasites and all kinds of nasty bits present in your food. These nasty bits on your food can often be found in public eating areas, such as cafeterias or restaurants. Bacteria is often transfered to the food by uncooked meat or possible human or animal waste touching the food. If you read this and work in the food industry, wash your hands after you poop. Food poisoning features a ton of awful, no good symptoms, such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea, headaches and chills. The onset of feeling awful depends on your metabolism, but will often appear within a few hours. A feeling of having to empty out of both ends is not uncommon. The best way to deal with food poisoning is to avoid any solid food until it has passed and keep hydrated. There's no easy way out with food poisoning, so be prepared for some nasty stuff. If you believe shellfish or mushrooms may have messed you up, you should go to a hospital; they get a bit more serious due to toxins.

A stomach flu shows many signs of food poisoning, but it's a whole different beast. Like food poisoning, you get it from certain bacteria and viruses found in food and water. Stomach flu features the same array of symptoms of food poisoning, but also includes some new ones, such as joint stiffness, incontinence, muscle pain, clammy skin and excessive sweating. It is quite a bit more hardcore than food poisoning. You need to stay hydrated when you have a stomach flu, due to the mass amounts of puke you will be exporting. You will want to eat and drink in small amounts, mainly consisting of water, vegetables and bread. This will eventually go away on its own, but it may take a bit long than food poisoning.

Both food poisoning and the stomach flu are awful to have. While almost indestinguishable, they will completely wreck you from both ends and are treated the same way. Knowing which you have will sooth your curiosity so you can brag about what's making you puke. In a hardcore fist fight, the stomach flu would win due to being a bit more beefy than food poisoning. Either way, whichever wins, you lose!

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