Foods To Avoid After Gallbladder Surgery

There are several foods to avoid after gallbladder surgery while your body is adjusting. Your gall bladder is an organ that stores and concentrates bile produced by your liver. You can live without it, but, you may need to adjust your diet either temporarily or permanently after gallbladder surgery. To avoid complications, be aware of these foods to avoid after gallbladder surgery:

  1. High fat foods. Your body will not be able to process fatty foods as well for awhile after gallbladder surgery. Some fatty foods to avoid after gallbladder surgery include fried foods, high fat dairy products like cheese and ice cream, pizza, and burgers. You may need to lower the fat in your diet permanently, or, you may regain the ability to process fatty foods after your body adjusts.
  2. High fiber goods and foods that cause gas. Whole grains, beans and cabbage are all foods that can cause painful gas if you are not used to eating them. These are all foods that you should avoid after gallbladder surgery until your body has had time to heal. Some examples in this category include wheat berries, whole grain cereals, broccoli, legumes and brussel sprouts.
  3. Spicy foods. It is possible that spicy foods can cause some gastrointestinal pains after gallbladder surgery. Even if you have a taste for hot sauce, this is probably among the foods you should avoid after gallbladder surgery. Even if these foods irritate you immediately after surgery, you may not have to abstain permanently. Just keep clear until you are healed from your surgery.
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