Foods To Eat With Diarrhea

When you're suffering from an upset stomach there are foods to eat with diarrhea that will help lessen the trips to the bathroom. The BRAT diet also known as the bland diet is the recommended diet for people suffering from diarrhea. The food items in the BRAT diet help lessen the chances of gastric upset causing diarrhea to worsen. 

  1. Bananas help replace the loss of potassium that is experienced in people with diarrhea. Bananas also have fruit sugars and healthy starch that will help firm loose bowel movements. Bananas are a bulky food item that is not irritating to the digestive tract.
  2. Consume rice to help with hunger. Rice works as a binder and filler and helps to slow down the process of the intestines, because of this diarrhea is lessened.
  3. Apples or Applesauce are easy to digest. Apples or applesauce also work as a bulking agent and help firm loose bowel movements causing less gastric upset and slowing down diarrhea.
  4. Toast helps with absorbing excess stomach acid. Stomach acid during episodes of diarrhea is produced in great quantities. Toast will help absorb this acid while lessening gastric upset. It is also recommended that you drink tea while on the BRAT diet.
  5. While following the BRAT diet you can also add items that are bland. These food items for diarrhea would include plain yogurt, boiled potatoes, plain salted crackers and plain noodles. Avoid food items such as dairy products, raw vegetables and fruits, citrus fruits, any fried or greasy foods and any caffeinated items.
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