Foods To Eat With Diverticulitis

If you eat the proper foods to eat with diverticulitis, you will likely feel better. Diet won't fix or cure diverticulitis, but will manage symptoms and provide relief. Diverticulitis happens when pouches that are located in the digestive track get infected and inflamed. There are a multitude of treatments, including antibiotics. Diverticulitis can become quite serious and lead to hospitalization. The recommendation for foods to eat with diverticulitis are those that are low in fiber and contains clear liquids.

  1. Chicken broth works well for someone with diverticulitis.  It's certainly not the most exciting thing to eat, especially with no added meat or vegetables. But, it is a clear food which is among the recommended foods to eat with diverticulitis. Any clear broth will work.
  2. Smooth creamy peanut butter on enriched white bread. As long as you aren't currently in a severe attack from diverticulitis, it is palatable.
  3. Eat eggs in any form. Just don't apply rich butter or cheese to it. Eggs are among the acceptable foods to eat with diverticulitis.
  4. Try white rice. It's an easy food to make, and eat. It won't aggravate diverticulitis.
  5. Plain gelatin is a recommended food to eat with diverticulitis when having an actual, painful attack. It is part of the clear and liquid diet. On the plus side, plain gelatin is great for your hair and skin.
  6. Plain yogurt is another soothing food to eat. Avoid yogurt with nuts, seeds or added fruit. Unflavored, full-fat yogurt without added sugars or artificial sweeteners is best.
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