Foods To Eat When Sick

If you're feeling under the weather you may want to learn about foods to eat when sick so you can feel better in a hurry. Here is a list of foods to eat when you're sick and hopefully they start you on the road to recovery or at least make you feel better.

  1. Chicken soup. You may have heard this for years, but it's actually true. Cooked chicken has an amino acid called cysteine that is actually an anti-inflammatory that can help your bronchial tubes and sinuses. Combined with the warm liquid that is good for your throat, you have an excellent food to eat when sick.
  2. Whole grains and oatmeal. Whole grain cereal and oatmeal has zinc and other minerals and vitamins that are good for you. Zinc helps boost a body's immune system and the other vitamins help as well. Since oatmeal can be eaten warm like the chicken soup, it's good for your throat when sick.
  3. Tea. Tea products, especially warm teas, can help with fighting a virus because they have a component called interferon which is a protein that does just that. These will also help with hydration because it's very easy to get dehydrated when sick.
  4. Hot spices. Anything that is spicy and hot are good foods to eat when sick because they tend to clear out the sinuses, making it easier for you to expel the bad stuff. Hot chilies, cayenne peppers and spicy Asian soups are perfect for this but keep in mind that if your stomach is upset this may not be the best route to go when sick.
  5. BRAT Diet. This stands for bananas, rice, apples and toast, and the reason these are good foods to eat when sick is that they are easily digested and won't typically upset an already upset stomach.

These foods to eat when sick can be helpful in making you feel better and some can even help you get well faster. Sometimes, nothing but time will help when you're sick, but these foods certainly won't hurt you on your road to recovery.

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