Foods That Make You Poop Regularly

Foods that make you poop regularly are typically high fiber foods and vegetables. Pooping regularly often depends on the right mix of eating habits and water intake. The list of foods below should get you started on your journey toward regular pooping. 

  1. Whole grain and high fiber cereal. Whole grains will help you poop regularly. You need to check the ingredients list to see if the grains are actually "whole" and not poor substitutes with the word "whole" on the label. Look at the nutritional information. If the cereal has at least eight grams of fiber per serving, it will probably make you poop regularly. 
  2. Beans. Beans have a high amount of both dietary fiber and protein. They make a great meat substitute because meat is very low in fiber. Pinto beans and lentils are great. So are navy, kidney and garbanzo beans. 
  3. Apples. The part of the apple that is useful to your bowels is the skin. Apple skins contain lots of nondigestible dietary fiber which will make your bowels very happy. 
  4. Broccoli. Broccoli is a must-eat food for those wishing to poop regularly. Broccoli is almost entirely fiber, and it aids in the digestion process. Some claim that broccoli is a cure for constipation, and a lot of doctors recommend it. Make it a staple in your diet, and you'll spend regular quality time with your toilet. 
  5. Carrots. Carrots are high fiber vegetables that will make you poop regularly. Like broccoli, carrots are often recommended by doctors to cure constipation. If you don't like to eat carrots, try drinking high pulp carrot juice instead. You can mix in a little bit of orange juice if you wish. 
  6. Multigrain bread. Some breads such as white bread will cause constipation. Other breads can help you cure it. Check the label on the bread that you buy. Compare the fiber content to other breads. The bread with the highest fiber concentration will likely make you poop regularly. 
  7. Oatmeal. Oatmeal is another high fiber grain product that aids digestion and cures constipation. Mix in some high fiber fruits such as peaches and apples. You can also sprinkle in some flax seed to make you poop even more regularly. 
  8. Peaches. Money doesn't grow on trees, but peaches sure do. Everyone loves peaches. Peaches not only contain lots and lots of dietary fiber, but water too. Water is essential for making yourself poop regularly. Make peach smoothies often and throw some in your oatmeal to make your breakfast more fun to eat. This food will make you poop regularly in no time. 
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