Foot Tattoo Designs For Men

Believe it or not, there are a lot of different types of foot tattoo designs for men available today.  Deciding which one you want is a matter of personal preference.  Nevertheless, here are some of the foot tattoo designs available for you to choose from:

  1. Star foot tattoos have a lot of different types of meanings to them depending upon the constellation that is used.  Generally, they symbolize light shining in the darkness, truth, hope, spirit, the divine spark, incandescent fervor or seeking clarity.  Nautical stars and shooting stars also make for a great foot tattoo.
  2. Tribal foot tattoos will take you back to your roots.  Tribesmen were pioneers in body art as they used this to mark honor, love, loss, social status, remembrance and who they were as a people.  Some of the most popular foot tattoo designs in this category include totem animals, cryptic designs, rings, masks, claws, dragons, scorpions and knots.  Usually these have a myth attached to them, making them even more interesting, so you will want to be sure that you know about this before getting one of these foot tattoos.
  3. Celtic foot tattoos are really decorative.  They stem way back into history but mostly to the Book for Kells.  For instance, the Celtic cross symbolizes the bridge between heaven and earth while Celtic knots are associated with the intertwining of two lovers, eternity and the five elements.  Regardless of which foot tattoo you get, it will look amazing.
  4. Zodiac foot tattoos are another option.  After all, a lot of people believe that both sun and lunar signs rule us.  This will give you more options.  Another idea is to have the zodiac sign drawn with the letter of your name.  These foot tattoos will take up very little space while speaking volumes about your personality.
  5. Flowers may seem a bit girly but if done properly, they can be quite masculine too.  For instance, lotus flowers symbolize strength.  They are commonly found in a pond.  You can come up with all sorts of manly foot tattoo designs with this image alone.
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